Fight the Good Fight

I haven’t written here in a while. This is the first blog since I announced my writing was on a bit of a hiatus. Today, I wasn’t having a very good day. There are moments when I feel like life just keeps kicking me to the ground and there are times where I don’t really feel much like getting up to fight back.

Occasionally, when these days happen, I come across a meme that someone posted on Facebook and it helps pick me up and gives me the incentive to get back up and fight the good fight. So then I thought: “How many other people are having rough times in their lives and could use a little pick me up too?”

I decided today was the day that maybe I should start writing about these inspiring moments in lieu of writing my books. Maybe this is the path I am meant to travel for a while. So we will give it a whirl and see how it goes. I can’t guarantee I will post daily, but I will try to motivate myself to share any incentives that I receive.

This is the meme that provided the incentive for today to keep on fighting and never give up. Today was one of those days where I was feeling down and like a failure because I am not having any success with my online store. And the old adage comes to mind, “It takes money to make money.” And I don’t have the spare money for advertising and such, so I am relying on the hope that my friends on social media will help me out with promoting the store. Well, that concept has been a miserable failure and I feel like I am going to fall victim to the dreaded Facebook algorithms that will keep my posts from being seen by a majority of the public (unless I pay for sponsored ads).


I was having a moment that was synonymous with the one line in the Poison song: Something to Believe In. The lyric is “And it just makes me wonder why so many lose and so few win”.  Why is that? Why can’t we all be a success if we work hard enough to get there? Why is it that so many lose and so few win?

The meme earlier today reminded me once again of my favorite Triumph song: Fight the Good Fight. It seems like those moments when I need a pick me up, the song on my playlist will play and remind me not to give in and give up. So, I am pulling up my boot straps and giving it my best for another day.

So, along with the meme, I give you the lyrics to Fight the Good Fight. Enjoy your day and keep on fighting!

Fight the Good Fight-Triumph

The days grow shorter and the nights are getting long
Feels like we’re running out of time
Every day it seems much harder tellin’ right from wrong
You got to read between the lines
Don’t get discouraged, don’t be afraid, we can
Make it through another day
Make it worth the price we pay
The Good Book says it’s better to give than to receive
I do my best to do my part
Nothin’ in my pockets I got nothin’ up my sleeve
I keep my magic in my heart
Keep up your spirit, keep up your faith, baby
I am counting on you
You know what you’ve got to do
Fight the good fight every moment
Every minute every day
Fight the good fight every moment
It’s your only way
All your life you’ve been waiting for your chance
Where you’ll fit into the plan
But you’re the master of your own destiny
So give and take the best that you can
You think a little more money will buy your soul some rest
You’d better think of something else instead
You’re so afraid of being honest with yourself
You’d better take a look inside your head
Nothing is easy, nothing good is free
But I can tell you where to start
Take a look inside your heart
There’s an answer in your heart
Fight the good fight every moment
Every minute every day
Fight the good fight every moment
Make it worth the price we pay
Every moment of your lifetime
Every minute every day
Fight the good fight every moment
Make it worth the price we pay


Was It A Mistake?

Last year, when a friend suggested that I try writing a book, I was all excited! I could not wait to get started and finished two within about a month, did all my own editing and got them self-published as soon as I could. That was when I made the mistake.

Well, I am still debating whether it was a mistake or a misdirection. I have learned quite a bit about the marketing side of being a self-published author, but I am still trying to decide if these small positives outweigh the negatives.

What was the mistake? Joining a few different writing groups on Facebook. Now you do not have to tell me I should have thick skin and not take things personally. I have been writing for many years, just not books, and I have been in the spotlight often. And I am not whining about it all. Just have been wanting to say these things and have been putting it off.

I have a very high comprehension level, so when I read things, I retain a lot of the information. Sometimes this is good, sometimes it is bad. In the case of writing books, it becomes overwhelming. All I seem to think about is all the rules that people would post about in those groups. You can’t do this, you can’t do that. Don’t dangle your participle, show instead of tell, and many other little tidbits that when you uncover them all, drive you absolutely crazy! I don’t know about you, but when I am reading a book, I do not stop when reading a sentence and say “Oh no! She dangled a participle!” So why is it so darn important that other authors like to take this rule or whatever other rules and constantly shove them in your face? I know that was probably a rude way to say it, but there….it’s been said. And then all the critique about people who write books and do not hire professional editors. It is like we are pariahs to the writing world. Well, I am sorry, but I am unable to pay for a professional editor. And don’t tell me I can find it. It is not there. Don’t judge. And funny thing is, people have read my books and actually enjoyed reading them. So I have that going for me at least.

So now, here I am with two other books in process and I am so overwhelmed with rules and feeling like the stuff I am writing is absolute junk, that I have lost almost all desire to write any more. I have moved on to other projects, like starting my own online store. And not that there aren’t any frustrations doing that, but I am not in any groups that have others talking about this topic, so I am free to do as I please with all aspects of developing, growing and promoting the store.

So, in the meantime, my stories sit. I struggle to think of things to put in this blog. I guess I should start writing about how to start an online store…lol. And well, if you are interested, here is the link to the store:  CALADAISY

In the meantime, I hope you all keep following along here. I will get back to writing some fun blogs to fill in while my book writing takes a hiatus.

Viva Las Vegas!

I am getting ready to take a trip soon. I will be off to fabulous Las Vegas for 5 days for some fun and to compete in a tournament, the Las Vegas Open. As always, when the subject of Vegas comes up, it reminds me of some interesting times we have had in our lives that revolve around Vegas.

In the 33 years JK and I have been together, we have stayed at a total of seven hotels in all the times we have ventured over there. Out of that seven, only two are left standing. All the others have been imploded to make room for newer hotels.

We had a really close friend that lived there and became a part of our life story forever. Sadly, this will be the first time that my daughter and I are going to Vegas and we will not get to see this dear friend. Last February, she lost her long time battle to cancer and we are still mourning her loss. She was just a great person who touched so many lives in such wonderful ways. She also spent many years raising money for her local Make-A Wish program. That just tells you a lot about a person. While they are struggling with life threatening problems of their own, they are taking the time to help others that are struggling too. That was the beauty that was Stacy Bromberg.

Recently, my daughter made the decision that while she was there in Vegas; she was going to get a tattoo in memory of our dear friend. I sit here and think about it and it hits me in the gut. While most parents are sitting around wondering where they went wrong with their kids, I sit here and count my blessings and wonder where I went right with this kid. Her heart is big and beautiful. It just amazes me. She just amazes me every day.

Many that know us know that the old guy, JK, and I have been together since what feels like the dawn of time. This July will be 34 years that we met. It was a Friday the 13th…imagine that…lol. However, we have only been married for…

…oh hell…..*note to self: your 18th anniversary is in a few weeks!

…for 18 years on February 3rd. That date was pre-selected because it was the day before we were to compete at the Las Vegas Open. So, we decided to go down to the courthouse to get married. We wanted to keep it simple.  No Elvis chapel for us! Now, back then there was no internet or cell phones and stuff, so you actually had to call people and look in phone books to get information. So when I needed information about the courthouse and marriage licenses, I give a call to our pal Stacy who lives in Vegas. And in keeping with the theme that is her life, she immediately said that she was going to be our witness and that was that.

The day finally came where we packed up the car and made the four hour drive over to Vegas from our home in Laguna Beach. As we get closer to town, we had decided to stop at the courthouse first before going to the hotel to get everything done all at once. We had pre-arranged for Stacy to meet us there at 2pm. I had called the courthouse the day before to get directions. This is where things started to go awry. Apparently, the street that the employee told me to turn on off the first street didn’t exactly intersect that street. It ran parallel to it. We were never going to find it. So, there goes Anne to a payphone to call the courthouse to get directions again. We park near the courthouse and we are both so irritated by then that he doesn’t put money in the parking meter. Yes, there was a ticket when we got back.

It was at more than an hour past the time we had planned to be there. And of course, there was no Stacy there to meet us.

We ventured into the room where we had to fill out the application to get our marriage license. It is a pretty non-descript room with a counter that the employees sit behind. But the décor was the most interesting part. They had lots of signs about what you can and can’t do to get a license. The funniest one was the one that said that you can’t marry your relatives. Seriously. They had to have a sign there telling everyone this. We both laughed and wondered, “Does that really happen? Has it ever happened?” Obviously it must have because there was a sign there for it.

It was pretty quiet in there, so we were called up to the window right away and explained to the lady that we were there to get a marriage license. She asked a few pertinent questions and then asked for our ID’s. This was where the fun begins. You see, back when our daughter started school, we had already been together for seven years and in California, once you are together seven years, it is considered a common law marriage. I hated my maiden name. It was hard to spell and even harder to say. Also, having a different last name than our daughter once she started school was a pain, so I made the decision to change my last name to the same as JK and our daughter. It really was no big deal.

Well, I didn’t think it was a big deal, until we handed our licenses to this lady at the courthouse. She looks at them both and then looks up at us with the proverbial “deer in the headlights” look of panic on her face. Then she quietly whispered “You all have the same last name. You aren’t related, are you?”

Well, now we know why they have the sign!

She was forever grateful once we explained how I changed my name when the kid started school.

Finally, we get to the hotel to check in so I can call Stacy and figure out how we can meet again so we can actually get married after all this madness. She agrees to meet us at the courthouse, and says to me “But I am sorry, I gave your flowers away to another couple since you didn’t show up and I figured you changed your mind.” That was the beautiful person she was. She bought me flowers to get married with.

We went back to the hotel, had dinner and went down to the bar for a few beers. It was pretty normal for us, even on a wedding day. Then JK won $600 on the slots. Woohooo!

I really miss my pal, Stacy.

Going to Vegas and not seeing her there is going to be emotional…for all of us.

Thank you once again for visiting my blog!

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The Anxiety of It All

First off, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I wish you beautiful moments, treasured memories, and all the blessing a heart can know as you begin your journey into this new year. Here it is, 2018. Who would have thunk it? I just posted the other day on Facebook that 33 years ago that day, I packed up everything I could into two suitcases to move to another state to live with a man I had only known for six months. And here we are today, still together. To quote the GD’s song lyric: “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

I guess what I am now feeling these days with regards to my work is called Writer’s Anxiety. At least, that is what I am calling it. To start with, quite honestly, sales suck. I have done the best I can, but I really don’t have a budget for ads and such and rely solely on what I can do by myself, but even that seems ineffective. So I am sort of at a standstill. I don’t want to continue writing a book when I can’t even sell the first two books. So, for now, the next book is on hold. I have had a few people I know read the books and they have said some really nice things, so I am keeping that as a positive for it all and not giving up.

In the meantime, I am learning. There are many great authors out there that I am connecting with in different writing groups on Facebook and their help has been awesome. It has also been helpful to connect with many new authors who are struggling, just like me, to find their place in the writing world and make it a success for themselves. There is a lot of great advice out there, but no one seems to have a magic wand to wave and make things perfect. Where’s MY fairy godmother??  😉

The downside to seeing comments from a lot of authors? Some of them are sharing their earnings for the year and sometimes it can get demoralizing. I don’t doubt that this was not their intention, as they just wanted to share their excitement, but there are those of us who are battling to get to that level, or even close to it. It’s like the proverbial dangling carrot in front of you that you can’t seem to reach.

This is part of the anxiety that I am facing lately. The rest centers around some recent contests I have entered. I am waiting, somewhat impatiently for word on just how I did. I guess I am hoping that somehow, one of these contests will have a positive outcome and give me the validation I seem to be needing to continue this journey as an author. I am also hoping that it would give me and my work a much needed push in the right direction.

So, I sit here and I wait. I check my email more times a day than I ever have. I check the Facebook group where the winning announcements are being posted. And again I wait.

And I write a blog, and I post an excerpt from my second book on my author page. I keep on plugging along and I will try to keep the same mantra going that I have in the poem I wrote at the top of the page. Someday fortune will smile down upon me.

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I Hated Christmas!

When I started this blog, I decided that at some point I was going to do some random blogs about life and stuff to go along with my author blogs. I am sort of in a self-imposed slump on my writing for right now. I am waiting on word from a couple of contests, thinking about the story line for my current work in progress and considering entering a couple more contests.

Sales are not as well as I had hoped. But that is okay. I am not disappointed or disillusioned. It is obvious, now that I have since learned a few things after I published, I am considering taking the books offline after Christmas and giving them a little overall revamp. When I published, I only used Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and I did not use CreateSpace, which I have since learned is the way to go. So I am thinking that after the holidays, this will be my next project. This is just another reason why I am in a self-imposed hiatus on working on the third book. However, the mind is a jumble with many different ideas on plot twists that I recently thought of and I am working them all out in my brain before putting them into the story. This seems to be my way. I have to work things through in my head before I decide to finally type everything out. Yep, I am weird…lol

So while I sit every evening reading Facebook posts, working on artwork and listening to music, I am slowly getting myself into the Christmas spirit. Tonight was the first time in a few years that I actually listened to Christmas music. I had been having trouble hearing certain popular songs on the radio because they bought back memories that made me sad. I lost my mom in 2014. When I was growing up, one of the things we always did together was listen to the few Christmas carol albums that we had and sing the songs together. Music and singing had always been a big part of my family life growing up. We were all in the church choir and my dad and oldest brother had pretty awesome tenor voices. The first Christmas after she passed, I didn’t have many issues with the music because silly me went and crashed on my way to work on the morning of December 19th, so I spent my birthday, Christmas and New Year’s in a trauma center suffering from 15 broken bones and a dislocated hip. I do remember just before the accident though. The radio station was playing Christmas music randomly during the day and I was just pulling into the garage when O Holy Night came on. It was the same version we used to listen to when I was a kid and it was always one of her favorites. I remember sitting there in the car and bawling my eyes out while listening to the song. Since then I found I avoided the carols. Tonight, I dug through my music channel and found the old songs while I worked on some Christmas art. I got through listening to the carols okay. It is the typing of all this that got to me. So, I guess as they say, time heals all wounds.

I wish I could say I always enjoyed Christmas and it was one of my favorite holidays. To be honest, it really never was. I hated Christmas. As a kid, I enjoyed the break from school, but that was about it. You see, the fates cursed me by giving me a birthday on Christmas Eve. Yes, you get ripped off when it comes to presents. People think it is okay to bring one present and tell you “Well, you can open it today or tomorrow.” And as a kid, all I could think was “Well if my birthday was in June, you would have given me two presents, so why is it is acceptable for you to just give me one because my birthday is the 24th?” I know, it sounds selfish, but there is a reason for that too. Quite honestly, we were quite poor. I am number eight of eight kids. We never had Christmas presents under the tree each year. If I did get presents, it was from a random aunt/uncle that would bring only the one as I said above. My parents never had the money to buy any of us gifts for Christmas or our birthdays. My dad felt it was better to spend the spare money on a good family meal and that was it. There was one year he really splurged. He bought us all a little mini four-pack of Whitman’s Sampler candy. And mine had a quarter in it for my birthday. I had never had a birthday party. I didn’t have a birthday cake until I was about 9 years old when I baked a cake for myself. It didn’t have any frosting, but it was the most memorable birthday cake for me ever.

So to me, Christmastime always seemed like a depressing time. Once it was all over, I had to return to school and the inevitable questions from classmates about what I got for Christmas and my birthday. Most times I just made things up so they would not treat me any differently or feel sorry for me. Or tease me. I was teased a lot as a kid because we were so poor.

Eventually, I grew up to adulthood and Christmastime changed. I had a man in my life, and ironically enough, he had a December birthday too. We are exactly nine years and nine days apart. All of a sudden, I had a birthday that was not Christmas themed. I didn’t get a present on the 24th and get told that I could open it today or tomorrow. When I woke up on Christmas morning, there were actual Christmas presents under the tree. And every year since then, we have always had separate birthdays and then Christmas and he and the kid always made both days special.  So I learned to love Christmas after all those years. I no longer resented all those years of nothing. It made me a stronger person and I learned to appreciate all the good things I had in my life.

But the best part was when our daughter started getting old enough to enjoy Christmas. It was like looking at Christmas all over again through the eyes of a child that didn’t have to face the harsh realities of life like I did being from a poor family. It was wondrous and glorious and fun. More than likely, we went a little overboard when it came to decorating and presents, but to sit there on Christmas morning and see the light in her eyes and the joy on her face was worth every penny we spent. And thank the stars! Her birthday is in June so we got to have a fun time with presents for her twice a year. It healed all the hurt and anger I had inside from when I was a kid. Yes, I know there is a reason for the season, but when you are a kid dealing with all that I did, you don’t really understand life and you resent everything about it.

We haven’t put up a tree in a few years, mostly due to space issues in our apartment, but this one here is big enough, so I am considering it. Despite cringing at the thought that our little demon child cat will have her way with it. I usually have to anchor the tree to keep it from falling over, I now have a huge selection of shatterproof ornaments and we never put any lights on the tree because she likes to chew on electrical cords. The whole process is humorous at best, so I will leave my Christmas memories with that and the picture at the top of the page. As you can see, our little Skwidgy making her nest in the tree from a few years ago.

Thank you once again for following my blog page. I want to wish all of you the most joyous holiday season ever. I shall leave you with everyone’s favorite quoted line: “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

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I Am Finally Calling Myself a Writer!

I had more thoughts to share on my writing journey as things have progressed since I started this blog. Isn’t it always that way? You spend so much time writing something, but then after you post it for the world to read, you think of so many other things you really wanted to say, but didn’t think of until after the fact. So for now I say “oh well” and carry on. I may repeat things or elaborate more on them, but that is the fun of having your own blog…you get to say what you want whenever you want to say it.

I honestly don’t know why I never thought I would be a writer as I was growing up. I had always loved to read, my spelling and grammar had always been good, and my comprehension skills were well above par. All my life, I have loved to play word games and solve word puzzles. Over the last ten years or so, I have been posting articles on forums, guest blogging on some different websites, and doing interviews for a print magazine. I even had a job for over five years writing responses to complaint letters. Two years ago, I started my own blog. Four years ago, I wrote a ‘How To’ book. So why was it that when someone mentioned to me that I should try writing a novel, I cringed at the thought? It was such an intimidating prospect to me. I was like a gypsy that never really landed in one place when it came to my writing. I was everywhere.

It was only recently that the metamorphosis came. I was editing a story for an author friend and he was telling me all about his experiences with writing and self-publishing and that I should give it a try. I told him he was crazy and went on to edit his book. As I was reading, it was one of those “aha” moments.  I realized how relatively easy it was and I thought to myself, “I can do this!”

So the bug was planted in my brain and I decided to try becoming a romance novelist. I chose the romance genre, because to be quite honest, those are the only books I have read on a consistent basis. It was something I knew a lot about from my extensive reading history. My next thought was “What type of romance do I want to do? What am I going to have fun with?” It was then that I chose to write in the Time Travel sub-genre. When I read those styles of stories, I really enjoyed them and some of the humorous aspects of people living in different times and experiencing the wonders of those times.

My next step was to pick some characters and choose a setting/location. For my first book, I decided I should stick to an area that I knew about, so I chose Laguna Beach, since I had lived there for over 25 years. I made my main character a struggling artist and Laguna Beach, being an artist community, would be the perfect setting for her to live. It also helped that I knew many of the little tourist spots and the different businesses in Laguna Beach, along with some of the local folklore that I could use in my storyline.

How did I pick my characters? I chose their looks based on what I considered beautiful from other stories I had read. The woman was tall and well built, with fiery long red hair and emerald green eyes. Her counterpart, the man in the story from another time, was tall and lean, with black hair and dark sapphire blue eyes. When it came to their names, I wanted something slightly Irish for her last name to hint at her ancestry as a redhead. For her first and middle names, I just chose very feminine names that flowed together. For the man’s name, I just chose something traditional and easy, which just fell together. This is where Gabriella (Gabby) Elizabeth Kincaid and Jacob (Jake) Michael Evans were born.

For my second book, I decided to give a contemporary romance a try and see what I could do with writing something in modern day times. I wanted it to be based in the south, so pulled up a map and started looking at small towns that were close to larger city’s that everyone knew of. I pulled up a map of Georgia and noted a small town called Gordon, which was just outside of Macon and close to Atlanta. I did some research on the town itself and found that it was famous for its nearby local Kaolin mines and the town was named after the Gordon family, who had been running the local train depot since it was established in the 1800s. I decided that one of my characters was going to be a distant relative of the Gordon family and that I would mention something about the local mining business. Other than using a couple of names of local lakes in the story as well, I made up the rest about the town.

My distant Gordon relative was not the main character of the story, but he was the one that started it all. For his background, I borrowed some of the details from my husband’s family: his grandfather disowned his dad for joining the Marines to fight in WWII and the character’s name was Charlie, which was one of his dad’s brothers.

My main character was a young southern girl living a tough life and dreaming of becoming a published author. Charlie enters her life and changes it forever. During the course of that change, she comes across the other main character, Drew Dalton. Drew is the typical southern boy with lots of good looks and plenty of charm to go along with it. Together, they face the legacy of Charlie’s gold, murder and kidnapping while slowly falling in love.

I am now working on my third romance novel and this one is about as far from the other two as I could possibly be.  One day I was sitting here at my desk contemplating what I should write next when I looked over at a large dragon globe lamp that I have on a nearby table and the thought of doing something with a dragon type of creature stuck in my brain. After some thought, I decided to do a fantasy type romance novel with Viking/Valkyrie type main characters and a creature called a Derigon, which is a cross between a dragon and a raven. The shape and characteristics are of a dragon, but it is covered in the downy soft black feathers of a raven. The time and location settings for this story are completely fictional and all made up from the depths of my mind. It is definitely a slower process for this one.  I wanted to work harder on the word count, so I am using more time to do that instead of rushing to get the story all down as fast as I can and editing from there.  I am also working harder on the storyline to get more depth and detail out of it.

In the meantime, during my slow writing phase of this latest novel, I still have been crazy busy. I have spent the last month or so building up myself as an author and creating a brand online for myself and my books. Had I known this was important, I would have done it first, but I am still learning all this madness, as you can read in my other blog posts. I have not let my writing stall out though. I have since entered a couple of contests and I am hoping to hear some great results from that. For one of the contests, it is comprised of an anthology published through one of the Facebook writing groups that I recently joined. The category for this one was called A.C.O.W.-A Contract of Words. The rules were that the story needed to contain a contract of some sorts in the story line. I really stepped out of my genre for this one and did a murder/mystery/thriller type of story. It was definitely unfamiliar ground, so I am skeptical about just how well I did and if I will make it into the anthology, also considering the competition I am up against. But I am not going to get dejected if I am rejected. I will just improve on the story and make it another novel at a later time.

So as I wait on pins and needles to find out about these contests, I am slowly getting back into the fantasy novel little by little. The holidays are upon us, so there are slim pickings on the spare time to get some writing done. So for now, I did this blog and I am working on a new one for my darts blog page. But most importantly, I have evolved in my thinking. I may still have to work a full time job to pay the bills, but my journey has begun. I am now calling myself a writer.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today. I appreciate it very much. Any and all comments are welcomed. Don’t forget to click the “follow” button so you can keep up with my latest blog posts.

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Keys to the Self-Publishing/Marketing Madness

The time had come. I have two books published and I am part of a niche group that is not really interested at all in reading romance novels, let alone share my posts about it, or about anything else I write. It is an extremely tough crowd. As a result, I have only had a few sales. So here I was, I slayed the dragon that was writing a book, I beat up the demon that was learning how to self-publish and I achieved success by having two self-published books on Amazon. Now what do I do?

I willfully admit I was at a loss as to what I needed to do to promote me and my books. So what’s the next best thing for a girl to do? She goes to Facebook and looks around for groups of people that are wondering the same thing. The best thing that I learned first: I am not alone! There are so many new authors out there struggling with the same problems as me. Not that I like to capitalize on anyone else’s misfortune, but I was grateful to find them! I found a few Facebook groups and the members there have been immensely helpful in giving out advice and sharing many other blogs about how to market and promote yourself and your book. The biggest factor, and I should have known this from all my experiences in my niche group, I needed to brand myself. Honestly, I figured after all the years I spent branding myself in my niche group and promoting my website and my blog for this group, I would not have to do anything more. Why? It was because I already wrote a book in this niche group. I was already an established published author, so why would I have to go out and do that again just because they were romance novels? Well silly me! I found that I needed to go out there and brand myself as an author for romance novels and get to work on promoting myself and my books.

So, I did it. I went on Amazon and created an author profile at Amazon Author Central. I then went to Goodreads, and updated my profile and added my new books to it. The next stop was BookBub, and I created an author profile and added my books there too. I created a Facebook author page that was separate from my personal page and that niche group. I already had a website in my niche group, so I used one of the pages there for an Author page that has links to all my profiles, all my books, and a resume of all the work I have done prior to writing books. The last step I took and why you are reading this now is I started my own author blog. I am sharing my journey in becoming an author and this blog is dedicated to that point where I am at now, learning all I need to do to promote myself and my work. In the meantime, before I get back to writing my third novel, I have entered two writing contests and I am going to submit a short story through one of the groups that actually publishes collections of short stories from the group members, which I thought was a pretty cool idea. I am excited for this challenge, and hoping I can have a little success to help get my name out there and noticed.

Here are my pages so far: Facebook Author Page, Amazon Author Profile, GoodReads Author Profile, BookBub Author Profile, my website Author Page/resume, and my Author Blog

Now I am going to share with you the groups that I joined on Facebook and some of the links to blogs that have some great information about promoting yourself and your books.  I did receive permission from all the blog owners to post links to their pages, and I thank them once again for agreeing to let me share their information here.  I hope you gain some valuable insight to the process with my blog here today and it helps you on your path to becoming a successful published author. Please note that you have to join the groups before you can view anything. There will also be some questions for you to answer prior to your approval being completed, so be patient once you submit.

This was the first group I joined and now it has over 33k members. It has a lot of advice to share for new and not so new authors. It is also a great forum for everyone to ask questions, ask for advice or to have people read your work and offer critique or help if you want it.

This group is the one where I have received the most advice from and it is where a lot of the information in this blog comes from. The members of this group are very willing to help in all aspects of writing, editing, publishing, reviewing your writing if you ask, help you choose a book cover, and generally provide answers to any questions posted. It currently has over 37k members and the posts are very frequent.

This last group is for anyone to share their work, whether it is a link to your new book, a link to your blog, or just to post the link to your author page to share and to have others connect with you. It currently has just short of 8k members, but there are a lot of posts from authors sharing their work.

The first site that I saw with information on how to promote my book was called: 30 Things You Can Do Right Now to Promote Your Book, by Amrita Chowdhury. The first two steps she mentioned were to start up an author website and to start a blog, which I went and did. It wasn’t as hard as I initially thought it was going to be. Oddly enough, I have had a blog for two years now in a niche group, so I don’t know why this part intimidated me, but it did.  Here is a link to her list of advice for new authors to promote their books:

This blog was another one that I came across that had a lot of insightful advice on how to promote yourself and your work. It is by Cathy Presland at and it asks: If there’s one question that is eternal and ongoing in our author community, then it’s how to sell more books. It is crisp and concise with lots of great and sometimes very imaginative ideas. Here is the link to her blog:

May Dawney has put together a no nonsense blog about marketing yourself and your book. She starts it off by saying: Marketing. Within the author community, it’s a dirty word. Within the reading community too, by the way. Marketing doesn’t have to be a dirty word, and here’s why.  It is a great read not only about marketing your book, but creating a brand of yourself as an author. Here is the link to her blog:

Joanna Penn at also has a great list of advice that she shares with her readers about: Sell More Books And Reach More Readers. How To Market Your Book. She even has written a book about it if you are interested in reading more, along with a bunch of other books dedicated to the writing, publishing and marketing subjects that we all struggle with. Here is the link to her blog full of great advice:

Author Rick Brown recently published a book entitled:  Kiss my baggage fees! How to be a savvy travel hacker: Travel like you have a fortune without spending one. 

Book Link:

The book itself offers the reader information on how to master the art of travel hacking and travel like you have a fortune without spending one. More importantly, I wanted to share the list of ideas that Rick has created to market and promote his book for sales. Obviously his book is related to the travel industry, so he has thought out some pretty interesting ideas on working in that industry to tap into some hidden sales potential. I am sharing the list because there are plenty of other writers out there who may be interested in trying out a few of his ideas. It reminds us to think outside the box when it comes to promotion. There are many avenues out there that a writer can travel to ensure successful marketing of themselves and their book.

The list goes as follows:

Look into retail locations like AAA, luggage and travel stores, travel agencies, airline book stores and independent book stores, UPS stores, hotels/motels, Costco, local cafes, Vegas vendors, trade shows, local events, weekend markets, and flea markets. On your website, use Paypal Integration and videos. Promote your Etsy page on Pinterest, and also promote on YouTube. Utilize coupon sites such as Groupon, Living Social and entertainment books. Use affiliate networks such as Clickbank and JVZoo. Utilize online retailers such as Amazon and Ebook websites. Also consider using classified sites such as Craigslist, eBay and Gumtree. One could also do interviews for local magazines. The Mobile Apps feature in Facebook Marketplace can help, along with creating a Facebook page. Other sites to consider for more advertising would be LinkedIn and Instagram. He also suggested using, which helps sellers find buyers in big name stores like Walmart and Target.

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